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Hire a Handyman Zoo plumber to repair your tank water heater


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Hire a Handyman Zoo specialist to repair your tank water heater



Like everything else in your house, a water heater can break down because of lack of proper maintenance or just because of its old age. If you noticed that when you taking a shower the water barely gets warm or when your water in your washing machine doesn’t get hot, this indicates a broken heater. Do not tolerate such inconvenience any longer. Book an appointment with a Handyman Zoo plumber now.

Do not attempt to repair your water heater on your own. It is a complex mechanism and you are risk making things worse by trying to fix it. It’s better to trust this job to a professional plumber, who will be able to identify the problem and conduct the necessary repair work.

Some of the most common issues that our plumber can repair include:

  • A dip tube is damaged. When this is the case, cold water mixes only with the hot water on the top of the tank. Soon, all water gets cold.

  • A broken temperature valve. You can recognize this problem by a high-pitch noise coming from your water heater. This indicates that the is pressure within the tank is too high or the temperature is not properly regulated.

  • Corrosion within the tank. If you noticed that a brownish rusty water is coming out of your faucet, this indicated a corrosion of the inner lining of the tank.

  • Leaking. There can be multiple reasons for leaking, including a corroded inner lining, wrong temperature, or too much pressure.

  • A thermostat is out of order. When this happens, the water in the tank will remain hot all the time, while it should run on cycles. This is dangerous; the hot water can scald you.
What is included:
  • Labor to repair an electric or gas tank water heater
  • Minor parts and materials needed for repair works, including gas supply lines, water supply lines, and trap fittings
  • A.O. Smith 
  • Bradford White
  • Envirotemp 
  • GE 
  • Jacuzzi 
  • Powerflex 
  • Rheem
  • Others
Book this service to eliminate the following problems:
  • Not enough hot water
  • Your water heater is not igniting
  • Your water heater is not heating
What is excluded:
  • Necessary water, electric, gas & venting connections must already be in place
  • Repair limited to water heater only
Handyman Zoo Guarantee:
  • Handyman Zoo applies the best efforts to ensure the highest quality of our services. If you are not reasonably satisfied with our job, we will return to your home and fix the problem. Terms and conditions apply
Customer reviews
Dishwasher was making a wonky noise on Monday. He came over, that day mind you. It's the motor, the busted DW was at least ten years. It was time to upgrade and update, but alas... I complained, yeah a replacement is probably the better option then fixing the motor; but I can't find anyone to install it in the middle of the pandemic! He's like! HELLO, I install them! Today is Friday and we have a new, competitively priced AND installed Bosch. I've never been happier to do dishes. Thank you!
Cameron C.
Las Vegas, NV
Amazing job! I called and they were able to get to me within the week. When Fernando gave me my time frame I explained I had to drop my daughter to dance and he made sure to make sure his tech was here before that time. I handed the tech what I was priced over the phone due to my service being so quick and easy he refunded me back some money after calling and speaking with Fernando. Very honest trust worthy group of men. I'll definitely be calling them in the further for all my appliance service needs.
In the midst of a pandemic our washing machine broke. No luck in fixing it or even figuring out what was wrong with it. Called a couple of places near us and the appointments we could get were over a week away. Stuck in the house with no washing machine, Yikes! Then we remembered we had had Fernando fix out dryer a couple of years ago, after a google search we found his business and called him. He came the next day! All outfitted in Coronavirus protective gear, fixed it in about a half hour at reasonable cost too. A great fellow and a reliable repairman. I highly recommend him!
Denny K.
Heart sunk when my LG combo washer/dryer started spewing water on the floor. Within 30 minutes of calling Fernando and describing the issue, he showed up, friendly, courteous, and non-judgmental about what I had clearly done to break my appliance. Quick fix, and then he spent extra time running diagnostics to confirm and checked the surroundings to make sure all that water didn't damage anything, and even mopped up the floor. Charged me the base consult fee that he quoted me over the phone. Will definitely call him the next time something breaks.